2 How to upgrade the Jeep Wrangler with led interior light package

In this message, we’re mosting likely to be having a look at a 2019 brand-new LED interior package for the Jeep JK Wrangler. This obtain consists of plug-and-play replacements for your dome map and license plate lights. It’s also readily available in a variety of color temperature levels along with output degrees. it can be installed in the house in your garage with basic hand tools and also only takes a couple of minutes. Just that easy.

First, we get accessibility to the supply map lights. We will certainly go on and make use of a plastic tree removal device to remove this plastic cover as well as it ought to stand out off easily.


  • Just established that aside, we’ll remove our factory bulbs, just draw on them a little bit as well as they need to come right out.
  • Next, we would recommend wearing gloves now due to the fact that these light bulbs will get hot, you can after that plug in your led 194 canbus replacement bulbs. Before re-installing that plastic cover, you can go ahead and also test them for function and after that just move that plastic cover right back on.


With our map light completed, we can now relocate in reverse for the dome light to access your manufacturing facility dome light. We will certainly use that exact same plastic trim removal device to remove this plastic cover press in and also below the side and also it need to come right out.


The clear plastic cover doesn’t in fact come completely off for the dome light as well as if this black shadow comes off as well do not be distressed.

That’s completely typical, it simply clips back in with four tabs, 2 on either side to get your manufacturing facility dome light.

You’ll merely pull out these little tabs on the light bulb as well as either side must slide right out. Before you put your LED bulb upgrade in, go ahead and also pinch on these tabs a little so that the bulb is safe as well as wonderful. When you pop it in with that done, proceed and also pop in your led replacement light bulb with our interior led bulbs.


After completed, we can go on and also move on to the license plate. Previously, the installation of your license plate bulb might not be any kind of much easier. You will certainly pinch 2 tabs on either side of the license plate housing and also transform counterclockwise to launch it. After that you’ll remove your stock light bulb as well as plug in your T10 LED canbus replacement bulb. This bulb is better to be non-polar sensitive so we don’t require to inspect the connection. Once you make certain that it’s linked correctly, re-secure the housing, as well as you’re made with your brand-new LED kit set up. You’ll currently take pleasure in much better exposure as well as a cool clean modern-day appearance.


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